Appeal hearing on 25th January: Public welcome to attend

Olympic_Stadium_(London),_16_April_2012Olympic Stadium Coalition

Press release: 22/01/2016

For immediate release

Media and public invited to attend appeal hearing on 25th January

The Olympic Stadium Coalition would like to remind anyone who wishes to attend the Freedom of Information Act appeal by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) against the order by the Information Commissioner to publish the full financial terms of the contract between West Ham United FC and the LLDC, can do so.

The details of the hearing are as follows:
Date: Monday 25th January
Time: 10:00 (estimated end time of 16:00)
Venue: Field House, 15 Bream’s Buildings, London, EC4A 1DZ
Map and directions:,-0.110818295883
Nearest tube: Chancery Lane

Additional details:

Members of our group will be attendance to discuss the campaign with the media and members of the public. Please email us:

Representing as we do fourteen supporters’ organisations, thousands of members of the public, London AMs, MPs, and other civil society organisations, we will continue to make the same demands for transparency as we made when we set out on this campaign, because we believe that a fair deal for the taxpayer, is a fair deal for football.

On 6th January 2016, giving evidence to the Greater London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee, David Edmonds of the London Legacy Development Corporation confirmed that:

  • The LLDC has spent £4,000 to date on legal fees in its bid to keep the Olympic Stadium deal with West Ham confidential, after the Information Commissioner ordered it should be made public
  • It estimates these costs are expected to rise this month to £17,000, and even more if it becomes necessary to ‘appeal the Tribunal decision.’
  • The final bill for transforming the Olympic Stadium might top the previous estimate of £272 million, as the LLDC negotiates the cost of further work.

Full release here:

For more about the campaign, its aims and its supporters, please go to our FAQ section, or get in touch via our email address:

This is what we don’t yet know:
How much the stadium costs to hire
How much the stadium maintenance will cost, and who will pay for it
How much each party will earn from stadium naming rights
What happens to the stadium in the event of financial difficulties at stadium company E20
What happens if West Ham United is sold by its current owners
How much West Ham United earns from matchday catering
How many jobs are being ‘created’
How much office space is being provided to West Ham United and on what terms

You can read more on our website, where we’ve posted information about each of these issues, and why we think they matter.



2 thoughts on “Appeal hearing on 25th January: Public welcome to attend

    1. There’s currently no deal for Chelsea or Spurs to share Wembley Stadium, but it’s otherwise a valid point that it’ll certainly cost a lot more to rent than the apparent £2m West Ham are to pay (though we don’t even know that for certain as the LLDC won’t publish that!)


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