Olympic Stadium Agreement released


It appears that the entire, unredacted agreement between the London Legacy Development Corporation has been released, in full. However at 207 pages, it will take a while to asses it. The hard work now begins to understand the deal, its costs to the taxpayer, and to football, and any further implications.

It can be found on the Olympic Park website, here: http://queenelizabetholympicpark.co.uk/~/media/lldc/concession%20agreement%202016.pdf

We would first like to thank the LLDC for finally seeing commonsense and publishing what appears to be the full agreement. This is the right decision for the taxpayer, and the right decision for football.

We would like to place on record our tremendous appreciation to those 14 supporters’ trusts and fan groups who have shown their backing for this campaign. This is a victory for the power of football supporters: Organised, focused and willing to work together to achieve a collective goal.

We also need to thank the nearly 30,000 members of the public who signed the initial petition; the extraordinary unanimous cross-party support from Greens, Tories, Lib Dems and Labour at the London Assembly; and to a number of MPs too many to name who kept this issue on the agenda.

It should be noted that, as per the judgement of the tribunal that ruled in favour of publication, any claims of any commercial damage made by the LLDC were completely rejected by the tribunal. Any points on this should be directed to them, or to the text of their ruling.

We will be making no further comment at this stage.


2 thoughts on “Olympic Stadium Agreement released

  1. Having read the judgment, how would Slaven Bilic’s comments of using the stadium for training purposes fit into it? It doesn’t seem to me to have anything in the contract about use for training purposes, yet Bilic is claiming they can use it when they want, although with the caveat of giving notice.

    Would a training session be counted as an event day?


    1. Hi, Sorry for the delayed response. In the contract, an ‘Event’ is defined as “the Competitive Matches, the Friendly matches and the Youth matches to be staged at the Stadium by the Concessionaire.”

      An Agreed Event Calendar is drawn up at the beginning of the season, and reviewed quarterly. The rental of £2.5m allows for such 25 such Events. They have to pay £100,000 for each subsequent Event if they breach the 25 limit, e.g due to a Cup run.

      They are supposed to set up and take down their stuff (goalposts corner flags, and a lot of advertising material around each Event), and are allowed one day each side for this. The Stadium is then supposed to be available for rent by any other party. There is absolutely nothing in the contract to support Bilic’s claim that they can use it when they want. Hth.


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