Tribunal judgement now online


Following the release yesterday by the London Legacy Development Corporation of the agreement between itself and West Ham United FC, the judgement of the tribunal which ruled in favour of publication is now available.

The judgement completely dismissed one of the central claims of the LLDC of ‘commercial sensitivity’, amongst other issues, and at a mere 21 pages long is light reading when compared to the actual contract.


2 thoughts on “Tribunal judgement now online

  1. Does the OSC have a Facebook Page/Group?

    I was particularly struck by the strength of the Daily Telegraph’s Chief Sports writers opinion until he tried to deflect matters by obfuscating about the Manchester City/Commonwealth Games Stadium.

    I think it could be good to write an OSC letter to the Telegraph and/or to aim to engage him further, I presume supporters of the current government take cognisance of what he generates.


    1. It doesn’t, no. We’ve deliberately not set-up multiple channels to communicate, as we felt that the issues needed to be placed on one area, this site, where people could get the ‘unvarnished’ truth, and that also, extra places to curate (like a facebook page) would simply mean more work for an already stretched group of volunteers. I’ll certainly be having a look at your suggestion though. Thanks, and keep in touch. Kevin Rye. Campaign Manager.


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