Campaign Update

It’s been quite a while since we posted an update on this website. Obviously since April when the judgment was found in favour of our campaign for publication, the Olympic Stadium and many of the problems associated with it have been in the news a great deal. We have been busy ourselves, and as this is an entirely volunteer-led and run campaign, sometimes things don’t move as quickly as we’d like.

This is some of what we’ve been doing:

1. Investigating the contract

The contract is itself a complex document that required a great deal of investigation. Specifically, it raises a whole series of other questions and issues that themselves needed investigation, and in some case further enquiries made.

2. Speaking with our friends and supporters

We’ve also been speaking with some of those who have supported our campaign about what the next steps should be. There is a lot of support to continue to ensure that the current deal is fairer to the taxpayer and to football.

We’re nearly ready to move ahead with our next steps, so keep an ear out for more news.